Clique Reach

Every year, Clique programs engage and manage hundreds of thousands working employees, human resource directors, employers, organizations and corporations throughout North America, South America, and Canada.

Clique strives to provide an abundance of health and wellness resources with an overall mission to improve the lives and performance of employees across the globe.

The goal is to support our communities, build stronger companies and simultaneously stimulate local economies.

Community Sponsored Programs

Clique programs are made possible by national, regional and local sponsors that support our corporate wellness initiatives, work performance incentive programs, as well as providing access to a wide range of human resource tools and benefits.

It’s a very simple process. Clique programs are designed to provide employers with access to wellness and incentive programs that are made available at little or no cost to the host company. Our community partners proudly sponsor Clique programs for the pure goodwill intention and simultaneous benefit from the exposure.

“It's all about creating true WIN-WIN for all parties involved. If more companies got a little more creative on how to help people and make money at the same time, we'd live in a much a different world.”

Benefiting Your Company

Corporate Wellness Initiative

Clique manages a national network made up of wellness presenters and exhibitors that range from nutritionists, self-defense specialists, financial planners, personal trainers, motivational coaches, advanced business teachers, cardiologists and more.

By utilizing Clique you are able to quickly organize and coordinate a “topic specific” educational forum by selecting from some of the top speakers in the nation.

With a press of a few buttons you can organize your annual or bi-annual health fair that covers everything from blood pressure screenings to flu shots.

Preventative health education programs like these are essential to maintaining a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

Work Performance Incentive Program

Clique understands the importance of recognizing and rewarding employees for extraordinary work performance. So do our community partners. By participating in Clique programs employers and human resource managers will have access to high value services or gifts to be distributed at their discretion.

Human Resource Tools & Benefits

Human resource is a relatively modern management term reflecting the adoption of a more quantitative as well as strategic approach to workforce management demanded by corporate management to gain a competitive advantage through the recruitment and utilization of limited skilled and highly skilled workers.

Human resource is the backbone of any company. They hire, fire and protect their own like family. It's one of the most difficult and rewarding departments to run within a successful organization.

Clique recognizes the monumental importance of this role. Upon registering with Clique you will gain immediate access to a myriad of HR Tools & Benefits at your disposal.